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Gold and Silver Spot Prices are a Lie

Designed to help traders buy and sell paper futures and derivatives, Spot Prices rarely reflect the physical prices we see In Real Life

Isn't it finally time for truthful physical market pricing?

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Accurate Honest Market Prices - How GoldIRL Works

GoldIRL is able to bring you real-world prices in real time thanks to our unique algorithm's analysis of the US physical metals marketplace.

From major online retailers to smaller local stores and across all of the most popular bars, rounds and coins - our system scans market price movements and the premiums charged on an ever growing range of products.

Whether 1/2oz or 100oz, Eagle or Maple, GoldIRL takes a whole of market average, which is then weighted for sales volume and popularity to calculate our key prices: Gold and Silver SpotIRL™


gold market scanned for prices

All-Market Price Scan

our goldirl algorith calculates spotirl

Unique SpotIRL Algorithm

retail investment in gold made easy

Accurate Real-World Prices

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Real Time Market Averages - Help Finding the Best Deals

GoldIRL's tracking technology finds the market-average price of all popular gold and silver investments - a price that lets you know at-a-glance if you're paying above the market average or buying a bargain.

But that's not all. Thanks to GoldIRL's access to live prices at most major and many smaller bullion dealers, we're able to bring you dealer Vs dealer price comparisons and automated best-in-market alerts showing instantly what dealer is selling what product at the best possible price.

Worried about trust? Through a partnership with Bullion.Directory - the market's principal review platform - GoldIRL provides dealer ratings and reviews to help you weigh up price and service quality.

Looking for economies of scale? Our live prices are typically for a single item at any one dealer - but if any dealer offers bulk discounts, regular offers or free shipping we'll show that too.


quickly find best prices for silver and gold

Find Best Prices on Metals

compare precious metals prices across dealers

Compare Prices Across Dealers

access trusted gold dealer reviews

Trusted Bullion Dealer Reviews

Check All Product and Dealer Prices
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10oz Gold Bar
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1oz Silver Bar
10oz Silver Bar
Silver Kilobar
Silver Eagle
Silver Maple

Get Real Time Real Life Prices on YOUR Website

Prices can be added using our easy to install code widgets - while for those comfortable with custom coding, the GoldIRL API can be accessed directly.

Running your website on WordPress? Our WordPress plugin can be added in seconds and the widgets it produces can be styled to perfectly match your site design.

You can show or hide any item from our list of the market's most popular products - in just a few clicks.

The GoldIRL WordPress plugin makes real time real life prices easy.

Get Started - Add GoldIRL to Your Site

Earn Affiliate Commissions With Our Comparison Engine

gold affiliate eraningsOur Premium WordPress plugin includes live market prices across multiple products and multiple bullion dealers - always showing your visitors the best value company for any category.

Designed by affiliates for affiliates, the GoldIRL affiliate module allows you to add your own referral link to any result meaning if a visitor clicks through and buys a product, you'll earn a referral commission.

With referral commissions of up to 4% available on sales, these earnings can add up quickly.

Modules can be easily combined to produce powerful price comparison pages, helping to fund your website all while helping your visitors find the best possible prices!

Supercharge Your Affiliate Earnings

Getting Started

Whether you're using our API, code widget, the free or the premium Wordpress plugin - you'll first need to generate an API license key.

Step 1: Create a free account. Clicking the button below will take you to or client control panel, where you can register and create your new account. This is where you will gain access all elements of our service.

Step 2: Copy your API Key. You will need your unique access code to allow any website you run to communicate with our service. Whether you opt to use our Wordpress plugins or create your own code calling our API, this API key is central to proper functionality.

Step 3: Grab our resources. If you decide to use our 100% free service, or one of our premium subscriptions, you can now grab our Wordpress plugin/s or any pre-written snippets of code you may require. You or your developer can also access our detailed instructions on how to take full advantage of the services.

Get ready to add real-time gold prices, market averages, product and dealer prices to your website!

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